Enjoy smoking a blunt indoors without any hassle! High Hemp Organic Hemp wraps are 100% Vegan and CBD infused!


Each pack not only contains 2 blunt wraps! but also 2 filter tips! Enjoy each wrap with a blast of natural flavours to spice up that blunt session you and your friends have been waiting for.


Flavour Descriptions

High Hemp Bare Berry Wraps - has a very berry taste made with California raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.


High Hemp Grapeape - is the third flavor that High Hemp has created with their beliefs of everything natural and organic. In creating Grapeape High Hemp mixes an array of different types of grapes; like Candice, Autumn Royale, and Concord. This fusion of grapes creates a unique flavor of Grapeape. 


High Hemp Hydro Lemonade - is one of High Hemp's most creative flavors yet. With natural extracts, High Hemp has accomplished a very soothing splashes of lemon aroma. You'll feel like you're squeezing out fresh lemons with every roll. 


High Hemp Maui Mango Organic Wraps - is the first of its kind! With a smooth tropical aroma, as you open the pouch, you'll quickly fall in love. Using only natural mango flavor, you'll instantly smell the difference. Roll up the tropics this summer with High Hemp MauiMango. 


High Hemp Organic Hemp Contains

2 Wraps & 2 Tips Per Pouch

Organic Vegan Blunt Wrap CBD Infused

C$5.00 Regular Price
C$2.50Sale Price
Blunt Flavours
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