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Mary's CBD Description

Mary’s CBD tinctures are specially formulated to have little to no THC content and therefore do not induce euphoria but do have anti­‐inflammatory, anti­‐convulsing, anti­‐psychotic, anti-­oxidant, analgesic and neuroprotective properties. As with their other tinctures, Mary’s blends the finest CBD extract with grape seed oil so that customers can use orally and/or topically. When applied topically, CBD oil is known to have healing effects on skin conditions. When consumed, it helps a variety of conditions from nausea to chronic pain and is suitable for regular use in a healthy diet.


500mg CBD oil (For Humans)

Cannabinoid Content: 500mg CBD, less than 1% THC

Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil, Cannabis Hemp Extract


Mary's CBD oil Description For Pets

Blended with premium wild Alaskan fish oil their tinctures help sore bones and joints, while maintaining a great coat and unlike regular medicine one. Your dog will enjoy having it added to their meals to the very last drop. Mary’s team tested all the ranges with their pack and confirm a glowing report of wagging tails, improved health, and soothed aches & pains. It’s also great for older dogs to alleviate inflammation and sore muscles treat a variety of skin & ear issues and keeps all dogs well maintained and healthy when added to food regularly. As they made sure to use no additives, it’s suitable for raw food diets and it’s been taste approved so the perfect meal topper whether it’s dry or wet. Be the person your dog thinks you are and treat them as well as they treat you!


250mg CBD (For Medium Dogs) 

Cannabinoid Content: 250mg CBD, less than 1% THC

Ingredients: Alaskan Fish Oil, Cannabis Hemp Extract


Mary's 1500 THC Oil Description

Mary’s high-quality grapeseed oil tinctures are created with the finest lab-tested THC extract to ensure accurate levels for correct dosing. Grapeseed oil is ideal for multipurpose use as both an oral or topical treatment.

This high dose THC tincture gives seasoned consumers of cannabis products a quality response, even with a high personal tolerance level.


1500mg THC (For Humans)

Cannabinoid Content: 1500mg THC, 37.1mg CBD, 36.81 CBN 

Ingredients: Grape Seed Oil, Cannabis Hemp Extract


Directions: Always start with a small portion (e.g 1 Drop) in order to determine your tolerance level.

Mary's CBD Oil for Pet's

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