10mg THC Indica Capsules by Mary’s Edibles is a simple yet effective way to medicate. Produced with grape seed oil and THC concentrate, these capsules make an excellent choice to dose yourself discretely and accurately.

Each Order Includes 1 400mg Bottle Which Contains 40 Indica Capsules With 10mg THC Each

This product may arrive as a dark-colored oil or a light-colored oil. The darker oil is formulated with Cherry Oil and has a stronger taste and smell, whereas the lighter colored oil features Distillate and is milder to the senses.



1 Capsule=10mg THC


400mg THC Oil

Cannabinoid Content: 400mg THC


Ingredients:  Grape Seed Oil, Cannabis Hemp Extract, Gelatin Capsules



Always start with a small portion (e.g 1 Drop/Capsule/Puff) in order to determine your reaction

10mg THC Indica Capsules

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