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The year was 2010 since inception of McEdible’s first batch of THC infused edibles. The concept was to find the optimal method of producing potent yet delicious edibles.


Through painstaking trail and error, McEdible was able to achieve a desired quality of infused desserts that could finally compete with the big players. A great sense of accomplishment overflowed, and McEdible set out to share his gift with others.


McEdible’s first space was in a tiny corner of a small Cannabis-friendly farmer’s market. Starting off with high quality ingredient lollipops and gummies, to chocolates and brownies.  A small retail portion would fold out during the day, and like a transformer, fold back in at night. It was here that through a community of very interesting and friendly folks, we had the pleasure of encountering "The McEdible".


Fast forward to the present, with the loyal support of local BC communities McEdibles was able to expand to Ontario. Now working exclusively with Dr420Express, we are proud to announce a new addition to our team.

A team of hard working, kind individuals striving to provide reliable medicinal cannabis to eligible Canadians in need!


We look forwards to sharing McEdible’s crafts with everybody, and providing a delicious option for those that do not like to smoke marijuana. We also look forward to providing you the best service!


Have a great day!




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